As fate would have it

The day started off as a misty, magical morning. Cait and Eric traveled from afar to California to elope and tie the knot in the beautiful redwoods of Muir Woods California. The National Park offered many areas to have a memorable ceremony. Cait and Eric had scouted the location days before the ceremony and decided on a spot which was actually about a mile hike into the dense woods. Some great conversation ensued on the way to the location. For a minute I thought the officiant wasn’t going to make it but after some encouragement to push forward he powered through and the ceremony proceeded without a hitch. To date, this was the smallest wedding I have shot but I wouldn’t change anything about it or the experience. It offered the opportunity to get to know Cait and Eric and a personal level and the day just felt like hanging out with good friends. 

On the hike back to the entrance, Cait and Eric stumbled upon a fallen redwood that had the letters C+E engraved deep in the skin of the fallen tree. How is that for fate? I’m so honored to have been there and capture some great moments of you two!  

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